About us
TARNOPAK Packaging Manufacturing Plant from Jasło is a Company manufacturing cardboard and metal packaging products. Our offer consists of a wide range of products, from cardboard drums, through metal drums and cans, cardboard tubes and formwork cardboard tubing to winding spools for metal-cardboard containers.

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Special containers

This group consists of containers for round winding wires, trash cans, containers for packing special materials.

For wires

Containers for round winding wires (as per DIN-EN 60264-1) is made in the form of a cardboard drum with centrally fixed internal cardboard tube. When winding the wire in and out the container remains immobile. The container is fitted with grips to facilitate handling.

Product awarded with the Gold medal at the Poznań International Fair 2001.

Trash cans

Trash cans are made from metal drums. Capacities and finishing (painting) same as for metal drums.

The trash cans come in two versions:
1. Free-standing , equipped with a tilting lid opened with a lever
2. “Park-type”, without the lid, fixed to a steel pipe that must be set in the ground


Special containers are made as airtight metal or cardboard-metal containers with circular cross-section. On the inside the containers can be equipped with fittings in the form of cardboard rings of different lengths and diameters designed to immobilize container’s contents. Additionally, we manufacture transportation boxes made of waterproof plywood for the special containers.

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